The purpose of this site is to get people with 3D printers to help print the files as detailed here and prepare the masks as donations for doctors and nurses fighting this Corona Virus Disease.

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Connect with us on our whatsapp community forum or through this site to find out what you can do to help the community fight this disease.

Make some Masks

If you are maker, we need your help to print out and construct the facemask. There is a huge shortage of face protection, we have a simple process that you can follow to help make these masks.

Contact for Collection

Being on lockdown, you most likely are unable to deliver masks. But no worries, we have members of the community who can go around and collect. Contact us  and we will organize collection.



Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and many other health workers all across the country are putting their lives at risk whilst working their hardest to fight this Covid-19 Disease.


Those members of our heathcare community who are almost constantly in direct contact with sick individuals as they do their diagnosis and treat the patients.


Those members, normally first to interact who are out on the road fetching the sick and getting them to the hospital safe and sound.


Those men and women who are running around endlessly attending to the needs of the sick and being there when the doctors are overwhelmed.

Other Health Workers

The men and women who are working around the doctors and nurses trying to help wherever they can.

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Firstly you will need sheets of semi-rigid plastic, a hole puncher and a 3D Printer with some filament.

Follow the instructions in the print guide below.


Protective Visor - Print Guide

You may download this print guide (provided by 3DVerkstan), which you can follow along to print out the materials needed for the facemask.

Shield Template

We have created a template you can use to easily meaure out your plastic sheeting with required holes for the mask.


How to add holes in transparency for our 3D printed mask
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